FAQ: BLIPS: The Paper Thin Photo Microscopy Lens For All Devices
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What is the magnification power of BLIPS?

With BLIPS Macro the image is magnified from 8 to 15 times without the use of additional digital zoom, depending on the smartphone or tablet you use. With BLIPS Micro you can see on your screen an image magnified from 16 up to 30 times. Last updated: Tue, May 10 2016 12:00 pm EDT

How to measure the magnification level

  • With BLIPS applied on the camera of your device, take a picture of a ruler without any digital zoom - Measure on your screen the distance between two tick marks - Divide this distance by the real distance between the two tick marks on the ruler Other products claiming very high magnification levels, without specifying how it is measured, result of significantly lower magnification applying this straightforward method. Last updated: Tue, May 10 2016 12:00 pm EDT

DUAL CAMERAS - My phone have two cameras. And the future iPhone 7plus will have two cameras. How this lenses you sell works with current and future dual cameras phones?

We have not had a chance yet to test BLIPS on dual rear camera smartphones. Different mobile models use the two cameras with different functions. To use these smartphones with BLIPS we suggest to stick the lens onto one of the MAIN camera; in most cases, from what we have learned, one of two cameras works like an autofocus assistant or to analyze depth data. For observing microscopic details with BLIPS the data collected by this secondary camera should not be important to achieve good imaging. Last updated: Sat, Jun 11 2016 5:35 pm EDT

Why don’t you offer BLIPS for higher magnification?

The level of optical power (i.e. magnification) has been selected with attention in order to provide the best whole of optical performance and usability. Moreover, magnification is not an important parameter for digital optics (and microscopy); the most important parameters are resolution, i.e. the ability to distinguish tiny features, and field of view, i.e. the imaged area without scanning your device on the sample. With proper lighting BLIPS Micro can achieve a resolution <4microns, and its field of view is of about 5mm × 3mm. For BLIPS Macro they are about the double. - Higher magnification needs very short deep of focus, significantly smaller field of view and very short working distance. - Shorter deep of focus makes very difficult to get images in focus using hand-held devices - Smaller field of view makes very difficult to find the sample you want to observe behind the smartphone. - Very short working distance do not allow to film or shoot subject of the nature like insects, to look inside flowers, or to check inside small 3D structures. Last updated: Tue, May 10 2016 12:01 pm EDT

How many MPixel are required?

The number of pixels of your camera sensor is usually not an issue. Indeed, the higher the magnification, the lower the number of pixels required to achieve the same resolution. A rough numerical evaluation for BLIPS Macro is following: Field of view: 10mm – image 16:9 @ 5.99MPixel (3264×1836) Every pixel side corresponds to 10mm/3264 ≈ 3microns The optical (i.e. non digital) resolution for Blips Macro is of about 8 Microns, therefore 6MPixel are more than enough. A higher digital resolution (higher number of MPixel) reduces the annoying pixilation effect, but it gives no advantages on the overall image resolution. Last updated: Tue, May 10 2016 12:02 pm EDT

Is my device compatible with BLIPS?

BLIPS is compatible with virtually every smart device on the market. Depending on the device architecture (e.g. upper front facing speakers), BLIPS can be placed horizontally or vertically and can be cut to adjust to many different sizes and shapes. BLIPS can also be used to blur images on your computer’s camera, TV, security camera in order to protect your privacy and can be used over and over again without leaving residues Last updated: Wed, May 11 2016 4:01 pm EDT

Will BLIPS adehere to my device?

BLIPS is designed to stick onto both polished and textured surface. We achieved excellent results with aluminum unibodies (e.g. Iphone 6) as well as more textured phones (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S6 or Oneplus 2). BLIPS works even better on glass and works just fine on plastic Last updated: Wed, May 11 2016 4:03 pm EDT

What's the approximate lifespan of the adhesives?

The rear surface of the lenses sticks electrostatically on the glass of smartphone cameras thanks to the physical properties of the materials, i.e. without using glues; therefore the lenses stick over and over on the cameras when the surfaces are clean. The two lateral adhesive bands of BLIPS, that have no optical function, but just help strengthening the adhesion of the strips on the mobile body, are made of materials that can stick a number of time when correctly used. Last updated: Tue, May 31 2016 4:02 am EDT

Interesting Scientific Questions From Backers!

Q: I was wondering how well I would be able to distinguish a blood smear. I read that I could distinguish anything as small as 4 microns, would that mean that I can have a good look at 6-7 micron large erythrocytes, or even the nuclei of neutrophils or macrophages? H.P. A: With BLIPS Micro properly focused in transmitted light you can see and count red blood cells on a blood smear. We have not tested BLIPS Micro for nuclei of neutophilis or macrophages yet. Last updated: Fri, May 20 2016 5:52 pm EDT

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For the most up-to-date information about the status of our project, check our project updates on Kickstarter!
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